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Vučević: Ladies and gentlemen judges, do you serve to people or thieves?

18. 01. 29

In reaction to the acquittal of the former Minister Predrag Bubalo, Miloš Vučević publicly asked: “Ladies and gentlemen judges, who do you serve to, the people or proven thieves?” He added that he is not speaking in his capacity of the vice-president of the Serbian Progressive Party or Mayor of Novi Sad, but as a lawyer and as an ordinary citizen.

In his fierce reaction to this judgment, yet another one in, as he claims, a string of acquittals of the people he marks as criminals, Vučević calls upon the public “not to be silent anymore before shameful acquittals of the greatest criminals that have caused distress to the State and citizens”.

„Ladies and gentlemen judges, I am asking you exactly what the people of Serbia wonder every day – when will you begin to adjudicate according to the laws of the Republic of Serbia, to the law and justice, and not according to the amount of money you are receiving from DOS-related (TN: DOS – Democratic Opposition of Serbia, alliance of democratic parties from the years 2000s) proven thieves, that have implemented the most monstrous thieving privatisations. Ladies and gentlemen judges, I would say respected but my honour and our people do not let me, how can you be respected while you acquit the greatest thieves from their obvious guilt, making fools out of the people?“ Vučević suggested.

He added: “Ladies and gentlemen judges, do finally tell to the citizens of Serbia who you serve for, to the people or proven thieves? Who do you give oaths to, ladies and gentlemen judges – to the State, to the Constitution and legal order of Serbia or to those who are filling your pockets while acquitting themselves on your behalf for the n-th time? Ladies and gentlemen judges, where do you get the right to clean the guilt from those who have wrapped our Serbia in black, robbed the last dime from it, for the purpose of your own material prosperity?”

In the end he asked:” How much does your justice cost, ladies and gentlemen judges? How much do your image and your honour cost so that you convince us that the thieves are not thieves?”

Source: Radio Television of Serbia

As a response, Ana Brnabić, the Prime Minister of Serbia said that she understood the frustration of "citizen" Vučević. President Aleksandar Vučić added that "citizen" Vučević had told the truth while speaking about the acquittal of the former Minister Predrag Bubalo.