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19. 01. 21

Europe, January 19th, 2019



Yesterday, Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize Winner Murat Arslan, President of the Independent Turkish Judges Association YARSAV, has been convicted under charges of being member of an armed terrorist organization (namely of being active member of FETÖ/PDY) and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

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18. 01. 29

In reaction to the acquittal of the former Minister Predrag Bubalo, Miloš Vučević publicly asked: “Ladies and gentlemen judges, who do you serve to, the people or proven thieves?” He added that he is not speaking in his capacity of the vice-president of the Serbian Progressive Party or Mayor of Novi Sad, but as a lawyer and as an ordinary citizen.

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17. 10. 24

The Judges' Association of Serbia has asked the Minister of Justice Nela Kuburović and the High Judicial Council (HJC) to express their views about "inappropriate comments" and "unacceptable attitude" of the Assistant Minister Čedomir Backović and Advisor to the Minister Zoran Balinovac towards judges during consultations on changes of the Serbian Constitution in the part regulating the judiciary.

The Judges' Association sent a letter yesterday to the Minister of Justice and HJC members informing them that during consultations held by the Ministry of Justice with civil and professional judicial associations on 13 October in Niš regarding changes of the Constitution it faced a "worrying and unacceptable" attitudes of the MoJ representatives towards the judges.

As stated by the Judges' Association, the Assistant Minister Čedomir Backović said on that occasion that judges and prosecutors advocate for turning the judiciary into a "limited liability company", an "art and craft shop" that will decide on human destinies at their whim.

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17. 10. 19

Pursuing the last week’s statements made by members of the executive, the Judges’ Association of Serbia addressed on 18 October 2017 letters to the Minister of Justice and the High Judicial Council respectively, thus demanding adequate reactions from each of them.

The Judges’ Association of Serbia informs both the Minister of Justice and members of the High Judicial Council that it faced a worrying and unacceptable demeanour of the members of the Ministry of Justice towards judges, during their participation at consultations on amendments of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia regarding judiciary, implemented by the Ministry of Justice alongside civil and professional judicial associations in Niš on 13 October 2017.

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17. 10. 11

On 11 October 2017, professional associations of judges and public prosecutors organised a media conference during which they informed the public that the consultations carried out by the Ministry of Justice as a part of preparation for the upcoming constitutional changes do not represent a genuine public debate, that the citizens are excluded from these consultations, and also that the Ministry of Justice had not presented its own baselines for a discussion. The associations have especially warned that, throughout this process, the Ministry of Justice has diverted attention from the real reason for which the state has committed to change the Constitution, and that is depolitization of the judiciary, removal of political influences directed towards judges and public prosecutors as well as strengthening independence of the judiciary and autonomy of public prosecutors.

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