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19. 12. 19

Mid December 2019 will mark ten years since Serbian judiciary was forced to take part in a retrograding and a rule-of-law-wise demolishing process – reappointment of all the judges and public prosecutors. In only two days, over 1000 judges and public prosecutors lost their jobs without charge, trial and guilt, without the right to be presented with any evidence, which were never there in the first place, without judgement and right to appeal.

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19. 06. 04

As a way of reaffirming our solidarity, MEDEL member association from Poland, Iustitia, has made a video with images of detentions in Turkish courts after the coup in Turkey and with judges and prosecutors from all over Europe, reading some of the letters of Turkish judges.



19. 02. 25

The Venice Commission, as an advisory body of the Council of Europe, presented its opinion on the latest version of constitutional amendments of the Ministry of Justice by taking note of the so-called memorandum of its Secretariat. It was noted therein that the text follows the recommendations formulated in the opinion of the Venice Commission of 25 June 2018. Such report is particularly unusual, not only because it was provided within an incredible one-week timeframe, and without an expert – rapporteur, but also because the Secretariat is a body in charge of administrative rather than expert tasks of the Venice Commission. The assessment as to whether more than 40 recommendations contained in over 20 pages of the Opinion of June 2018 were followed is an expert issue par excellence, whereas certain substantial recommendations from the Opinion have not even been considered, let alone adopted. For instance, the Venice Commission clearly stated its position that it is necessary to delete or at least additionally reinforce the provision stipulating that the term of office of all members of the High Judicial Council shall cease if the Council fails to pass a decision within sixty days, however this provision has not been deleted. With regard to constitutional amendments, the European Union has been inadmissibly silent and passive and it has decided for the time being to settle with the position of the Venice Commission.

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19. 01. 21

Murat Arslan Sentenced to 10 yrs. Prison by a Turkish Court


Dear Colleagues,

We received yesterday the sad news concerning the sentencing of our dearest colleague, President of YARSAV and 2017 Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize laureate Murat Arslan.

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19. 01. 21




Today, January 18th, 2019, was held the last session of the trial against  Murat  Arslan, unlawfully accused and persecuted by the Turkish authorities and arrested since October 19th,2016.

In today’s session, the court issued the decision, sentencing Murat Arslan to 10 years of imprisonment.

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