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19. 09. 16


Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL) has been following the recent developments in the judiciary of the Republic of Serbia with much concern.

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19. 05. 29

Following non-argumented and zealous assaults performed by certain officials of legislative and executive powers, on the National Assembly’s session on May 20th 2019, which were followed by personal insults made towards judges Omer Hadžiomerović and Miodrag Majić of the Belgrade Court of Appeals, based on passing a court decision in judicial panel, as well as towards judge Majić, based on his public expression of opinion on amendments of the Criminal Code and it’s parts relating to life imprisonment without possibility of parole, the Judges’ Association of Serbia would like to warn of the following:

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18. 07. 24

With respect to the Opinion of the High Judicial Council of 20 July 2018 regarding Draft Amendments to the Constitution of Republic of Serbia of 13 April 2018, and pursuing the adopted Opinion of the Venice Commission number 921-2018 of 25 June 2018 on the draft amendments to the Constitutional provisions on the judiciary, the Judges’ Association of Serbia issues the following

 P U B L I C    S T A T E M E N T

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18. 01. 24

On the occasion of the working text of the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, that the Ministry of Justice published on 22 January 2018, the Judges’ Association of Serbia, Centre for Judicial Research and Belgrade Centre for Human Rights issue the following

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17. 11. 03


On the occasion of adoption of Rulebooks on the procedure for admittance of judicial and prosecutorial assistants


The Judges’ Association of Serbia is cautioning the public for the consequences that may arise from the solutions envisaged by the Rulebook on the procedure for admittance of judicial assistants and the Rulebook on the procedure for admittance of prosecutorial assistants (Official Gazette 92/2017), based on which,the mandate on admittance of assistants is being taken away from the courts and public prosecution offices and entrusted to the Judicial Academy.

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